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The Annual SI Boobfest Comes to Bug’s Hometown: My Complicated Thoughts

The annual ickfest known as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has hit the stands, and imagine my surprise when I start seeing blog and web forum posts about the racism in these images:   I immediately recognized the background of … Continue reading

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Fall Fun– A trip to Moogacat’s Alma Mater

Through a weird confluence of events we ended up at the in-laws overnight this past Saturday.  That’s always so much fun for Bug– she loves her LiLi and YeYe. Even though it’s November it was beautiful this weekend– sunny and low … Continue reading

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Fall Break 2012– Niagara Falls, Ontario

Bug’s fall break was last Friday and Monday, and since we fancy ourselves a traveling family (finances willing), we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a short trip.  This year we settled on Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I can’t say Niagara … Continue reading

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What we learned from our trip to China

It’s been a few months since we got back from China, so I thought it would be a good time to put into words what we as a family got out of the trip. For Bug, it was wonderful.  She … Continue reading

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Our China Trip Day 11 (Home!) — June 9, 2012

So on our last day we got up early, packed up, had our breakfast, and caught a cab to the Airport.  As usual for this trip, nothing at the airport could go smoothly.  We went to the self-serve kiosk to … Continue reading

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Our China Trip Day 10 (Hong Kong) — June 8, 2012

Poor Bug hit the wall the day before, so we decided we needed a little slower paced day.  We decided on a trip out to Lantau Island to see the Tian Tan Buddha and Ngong Ping village.  Lantau Island is … Continue reading

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Our Trip Made CNN International!

I guess I should finish the series on it!  

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Our China Trip Day 9 (Hong Kong) — June 7, 2012

When I woke up in Hong Kong the first thing I did was pull back the curtains to take in the view of Victoria Harbor.  For anyone who loves city skylines, the view from Kowloon across the Harbor to Hong … Continue reading

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Our China Trip Day 8 (Guilin-Hong Kong) — June 6, 2012

Our last day in Guilin started with us saying goodbye to our apartment.  We had a great time here and we hated to leave.  Here’s the outside of the building (the inside of our apartment can be found in the … Continue reading

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Our China Trip Day 7 (Guilin) — June 5, 2012

I’ll keep this day of our trip mostly private for obvious reasons, but this was the day we visited the place Bug spent the first year of her life– the Guilin Social Welfare Institution, aka her orphanage.  Bug handled the visit very … Continue reading

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