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Critical Whiteness

I haven’t feeling very bloggy lately, but a couple of issues have popped up as of late to jar me out of my writing slumber.  One of those issues is the concept of “whiteness.” I know what you’re thinking.  This … Continue reading

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Silent No More

I’ve been contemplating getting back in the blogging spirit, and had a couple of different blogposts in mind for doing that.  Those will have to wait, though, because something that came across my internet connection yesterday was begging for a … Continue reading

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The Annual SI Boobfest Comes to Bug’s Hometown: My Complicated Thoughts

The annual ickfest known as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has hit the stands, and imagine my surprise when I start seeing blog and web forum posts about the racism in these images:   I immediately recognized the background of … Continue reading

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Random Picture of an Immigrant

To go along with today’s post, here’s a random picture of an immigrant. Yes, this is also the face of immigration.

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Random Musings on Immigration

Yesterday I had a road trip to Lexington.  It was a beautiful day for a road trip, and as usual I got off the interstate about 20 miles outside of Lexington so I could drive in through horse country.  On … Continue reading

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Siege of Wukan

For anyone who follows the goings-on in China, there’s an important story happening right now.  A small fishing village, Wukan, in southern Guangdong province, is in open revolt after police authorities allegedly killed a village leader.  Villagers had been angry because local … Continue reading

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Why I am simultaneously proud and embarassed to be an American.

I couldn’t have been more proud to be an American yesterday when I saw the news of Hilary Clinton’s speech in Geneva yesterday declaring gay rights to be human rights.  For anyone who missed it, here’s a story from the … Continue reading

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Boo You! Monday: Afghani Provincial Governor of Uruzguan Province

Today I’d like to give a big old Boo You! to the provincial governor of Uruzguan province in Afghanistan. Why him you wonder? Anyone remember the teenager whose nose was cut off by her arranged husband, all while a group … Continue reading

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The Casey Anthony Show (via Thought Required; Pants Optional.)

My brother’s thoughts on Casey Anthony. Couldn’t have said it better myself.  This blog post is the only commentary I will make on the subject of the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. You may feel free to comment on … Continue reading

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Boo You! Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court

Today’s return of Boo You! Monday has me giving a big hearty Boo You! to the U.S. Supreme Court for its decision in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, in which the USSC struck down California’s ban on sales of violent … Continue reading

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