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Lean In? No thanks. “Leaning Sideways” and rethinking priorities worked for me.

What does it mean to have a successful career?  A successful life? I’ve been thinking about these questions of late, prompted in part by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In movement, and partly by my inclusion as a mentor in our local … Continue reading

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Fall Fun– A trip to Moogacat’s Alma Mater

Through a weird confluence of events we ended up at the in-laws overnight this past Saturday.  That’s always so much fun for Bug– she loves her LiLi and YeYe. Even though it’s November it was beautiful this weekend– sunny and low … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Ideas:
Daughters and fathers have been in the news recently. In his response to Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut,” President Obama said that he wanted his own daughters to grow up “to be able to…

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More Reasons Why I Love My New Job

I haven’t posted much about it on my blog, but people who know me in real life know just how much I am loving my new job.  G was even commenting on it last night– he said it’s a nice … Continue reading

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And so it is Monday.

Poor Bug. God love her, she’s trying to adjust to school, and the school days themselves go fine when she gets there, but every morning is the same. Crying and begging not to go. Begging me to let her go … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, G!

Today is our 14th Anniversary! I can’t believe G and I have been married this long, although in a lot of ways I really can’t remember a time G and I weren’t together.  So, in honor of my wonderful dude, … Continue reading

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Friday Fun

Have to love a fun Friday night out with the Bug:

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The awesomest toy ever!

I can’t believe what I found today!  This is the funniest, most awesomest thing I’ve seen in a while: This is Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, the best kids show ever.  But what you can’t see from the … Continue reading

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