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A Month in the Life

I’m feeling bloggy but I’ve been pretty heavy lately, so I thought I’d do a little lighter post about what’s been going on in Mooga-land. Life on the professional front is going swimmingly.  I went back up to 30 hours … Continue reading

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RAD and Normalcy: Is RAD Actually the Normal Response for an Adoptee?

Disclaimer:  This is certainly not a new topic.  I don’t want to pretend that this post represents any kind of brainstorm on my part– this topic has been bandied about for a long time in adoptee circles, and has a … Continue reading

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The Annual SI Boobfest Comes to Bug’s Hometown: My Complicated Thoughts

The annual ickfest known as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has hit the stands, and imagine my surprise when I start seeing blog and web forum posts about the racism in these images:   I immediately recognized the background of … Continue reading

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