Fall Fun– A trip to Moogacat’s Alma Mater

Through a weird confluence of events we ended up at the in-laws overnight this past Saturday.  That’s always so much fun for Bug– she loves her LiLi and YeYe. Even though it’s November it was beautiful this weekend– sunny and low 70s.  LiLi and YeYe live only about 20 minutes from G’s any my undergraduate alma mater, Georgetown College.  So we cajoled Bug into driving over Sunday and seeing where Mommy and Daddy met. 

Georgetown College is something of a tradition in my family.  My brother and parents went there, as did my mom’s sister and one of my dad’s sisters.  Several cousins went there too, dating back to the 1930s.  G was the first in his family to go, but his ties are no less signficant since that’s where we met and started dating.  🙂

We started out by showing Bug the dorm where I lived my freshman and sophomore years, Knight Hall.  My mom lived there too.  From there we parked in Giddings Circle and walked into the heart of campus.  Here’s Bug on the steps of Giddings Hall, the historic administration building with the super-cool brick columns. 

We walked over to Pawling Hall, which was my dad’s dorm in his day, and the main humanities classroom building when G and I were students.  There’s a brick out front with my name and graduation year on it, but since the program was relatively new at the time of my graduation, it never occurred to anyone that putting bricks in a driveway might wear the carving off.  You guessed it– my brick is now illegible.  😦

We went over to my old sorority house, the Phi Mu house.  Bug thought it was funny that I was in a “club” that lived together.  Here are some pics of her out front:

And here’s one of Bug in front of the 1895 cornerstone of Rucker Hall, where my mom’s sister lived.  My sorority house now sits where Rucker sat.

We walked around south campus, and showed Bug where G lived his freshman year and where my brother lived his last three years, Collier Hall.  We swung around and showed her the houses of my mom and dad’s “clubs,” even though those houses didn’t exist when they went to G-town.  We stopped at G’s fraternity house, the Lambda Chi Alpha house, and got another pic there.

We went back to the heart of campus, walked Bug through the student center, and then stopped for a pic looking back out toward the great big library that G and I only wish had been there when we were students.

It was kind of sad being at Georgetown today.  Georgetown is having financial problems, and the turmoil led to the (forced) resignation of its long-time president, who was inaugurated when I was a sophomore.  I also can’t imagine wanting Bug to ever attend Georgetown, either.  It’s way too “white,” for lack of a better word, and will likely be too socially conservative for her.  It was the perfect place at the perfect time for both G and me, but I doubt it would be for Bug.  It sure was nice seeing it and showing it to Bug on a beautiful fall day, though.

We finished out the day at Steak and Shake, which like so much else, wasn’t there when we went to school in G-town.  In fact, almost none of the interstate sprawl in this pic was there.  Lots of changes!

Here’s madame at Steak and Shake– her first visit to the hallowed institution!

We had lots of fun today.  These kinds of memories are priceless!

About mad momma moogacat

I am a 40-year old mother, wife, lawyer and pop culture fiend who is looking for some beauty and meaning in life. I write about parenting, adoption, mental health, work-life balance, and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!
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