Dyslexia sucks.

For a six-year-old, dyslexia must suck. I’ve been doing a ton of reading about dyslexia since Bug’s diagnosis, and there are a surprising number of benefits to have a “dyslexic brain.”  People with dyslexia are quite often more creative and are good at seeing the big picture.  They make great executives and leaders.  They are visionary in ways neurotypical people aren’t.

Problem is, that doesn’t help out a six-year-old who struggles with reading.  Who is behind her classmates.  Who can’t imagine being the leader of anything.  Who has to go to after-school tutoring twice a week while her friends are playing outside.  Who consistently reverses her letters, much to her chagrin.  Who struggles with writing assignments, taking twice as long as most kids to get them done. 

Bug throws a whopper of a temper tantrum every time we leave school to go to tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday.  I can’t say I blame her– tutoring represents everything that is “wrong” about herself to Bug, and I would be pretty peeved too if I were her.  It still doesn’t make it easier for Momma understanding that, though.  Every session when she starts to cry and wail for Momma while I stand outside the door, I just want to run in, scoop her up, and take her home and hide her from the world.  Keep her six years old forever, when reading is not entirely necessary.  I know that’s not realistic, no matter how much I’d like it, so I grit my teeth, listen to the cries, and then relax once I hear her giggles as she settles into the lesson.

Now once Bug calms down tutoring actually goes well.  Bug is starting to read (yay!!!), and she herself can see the progress.  She even read me some sentences at tutoring last Thursday.  I thought I’d cry right there on the spot!  She couldn’t wait to tell Daddy about it– she was so proud!  She’s not as resentful of books as she was even three months ago, and she is finally enjoying being read to so much that she asks us to read to her even when it’s not a school night and reading is homework. 

Still, even though it’s getting better, it’s going to suck for Bug for some time to come.  It will get better, and dyslexia will give Bug a beautiful way of seeing the world, but for now, it’s hard, and it’s going to stay that way for a while.

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I am a 40-year old mother, wife, lawyer and pop culture fiend who is looking for some beauty and meaning in life. I write about parenting, adoption, mental health, work-life balance, and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!
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2 Responses to Dyslexia sucks.

  1. TAO says:

    No clue if this actually helps or not – but remembered reading a blurb about it so I just googled it and here is the link to a font that is supposed to help.


    Huff Post has an article on it.


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