Our China Trip Day 11 (Home!) — June 9, 2012

So on our last day we got up early, packed up, had our breakfast, and caught a cab to the Airport.  As usual for this trip, nothing at the airport could go smoothly.  We went to the self-serve kiosk to check in, and for some reason it would only let me check in.  The kiosk acted like Bug and G didn’t exist.  Oy.  So we went to the big long line to see what was up. 

As it turned out, what was up was that Bug’s and G’s seats had been moved.  To the very last row of the airplane– row 62 in the center section.  Oy again.  We told the gate agent that it was fine so long as there were at least two seats together so one of us could sit with Bug, but the agent was obsessed with trying to get us together.  After over 30 minutes he gave up.  All the delay meant was that we had to rush to get back to our gate in time, but not before buying some Dramamine in case Bug got airsick again.

We got back to the gate and the airplane started boarding shortly after we got there.  My ticket (being used by G) was in boarding group 1, but since the other two tickets were at the back of the plane they were in boarding group 7.  We all got in line in boarding group 7 so we could board together, but the nice gate agent who wanted to seat us together knew we had a group 1 ticket, and came and got us.  He went ahead and shooed us ahead so we’d have more time to board.  What a nice guy!

We deposited G in his cushy aisle seat at row 41 and Bug and I went back to the middle of the middle section in the very last row.  When a nice woman sat in the aisle seat next to me, I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to move forward.  She was sweet enough to say yes, so G got to sit with us after all!

The flight was uneventful.  I can’t say it was as pleasant as our trip to Beijing in first and business class, but Bug was yet again a pro and handled the long 14 hour flight well, even without a personal entertainment system.  Unfortunately sleep eluded her– she finally fell asleep an hour before landing, and stayed asleep until we were on the ground.  The sleep at least kept her from getting airsick!

We made it through immigration and customs, found our gate and some food, and then caught our (thankfully) on time flight to Louisville.

Bug stayed awake until we hit the car at SDF.  Then, this is what we were left with:

We made it home, tired, but safe and sound.

Next and final post in the series: what the trip meant to Bug, and us.

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I am a 40-year old mother, wife, lawyer and pop culture fiend who is looking for some beauty and meaning in life. I write about parenting, adoption, mental health, work-life balance, and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!
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