Why I am simultaneously proud and embarassed to be an American.

I couldn’t have been more proud to be an American yesterday when I saw the news of Hilary Clinton’s speech in Geneva yesterday declaring gay rights to be human rights.  For anyone who missed it, here’s a story from the BBC on it.


She is of course absolutely right.  And even though it should go without saying, it sadly took guts for President Obama to allow her to give the speech in a contentious election year.  So, bravo!  You make me proud.

On to my simultaneous embarrassment:  Several of the Republican presidential candidates criticized the speech, most notably Rick Perry.  Yeah, Rick– gay people have no right to not be tortured or killed simply because of who they love.  I am so deeply embarrassed that these so-called persons are holding themselves out as potential leaders of this country.  Shameful.  And the worst vitriol came from candidates who deem President Obama as immoral and themselves as the “moral” alternative.  As if murdering people is moral.  Bah. 

I am also embarrassed that I likely would not have known about Secretary Clinton’s speech if I didn’t follow international media via Twitter.  I couldn’t find a writeup about Secretary Clinton’s gutsy speech anywhere in the mainstream US media.  This speech was a big deal, and it was ignored here.  That’s also shameful.

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2 Responses to Why I am simultaneously proud and embarassed to be an American.

  1. Wonderful post and I agree completely!!

  2. Thanks for commenting Andrea!

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