Fantastic. Why do white people think they know more about what persons of color think and want than the people of color themselves?


“The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron” (2003) by Kil Ja Kim argues that you cannot be white and against racism at the same time.

By “white” she does not mean having white skin. She means thinking of yourself as white and enjoying the benefits that come with it in America:

white people need to be willing to have their very social position, their very relationship of domination, their very authority, their very being…let go, perhaps even destroyed.  I know this might sound scary, but that is really not my concern.  I am not interested in making white people, even those so-called good-hearted anti-racist whites, comfortable about their position in struggles that shape my life in ways that it will never shape theirs.

Being white creates a conflict of interest that leads to white paternalism: whites who think they know what is best for people of colour.

Kim has seen it. So…

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