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More Reasons Why I Love My New Job

I haven’t posted much about it on my blog, but people who know me in real life know just how much I am loving my new job.  G was even commenting on it last night– he said it’s a nice … Continue reading

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What a great weekend!

After so much chaos the last six weeks since kindergarten started, it was so nice to have a reasonably calm weekend.  Bug’s a little run down because of her fall allergies, so she (amazingly) consented to lying around all day … Continue reading

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Imparting our Faith

I had toyed with the thoughts of a 9/11 post, but since I’ve come to think that my memories of that day are mostly irrelevant, I’m not.  It seems almost arrogant for me to consider my memories and feelings at … Continue reading

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Bug’s still unhappy.

We are now two weeks into school and my poor little Bug is still unhappy. Most days she goes without a fight or tears, though it’s more than clear she doesn’t like it AT ALL. She still hasn’t gotten used … Continue reading

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