And so it is Monday.

Poor Bug. God love her, she’s trying to adjust to school, and the school days themselves go fine when she gets there, but every morning is the same. Crying and begging not to go. Begging me to let her go to work with me with sincere promises that she’ll “be quiet and won’t bother anybody.” It’s so hard to drop her off wailing every morning, even though I know it will eventually get better. It would feel a whole lot better if she weren’t the only one crying every morning. Where are all the crying kindergarteners? I feel like I must have done a really bad job preparing her for this change!

On another note, this is a big week for G. He has deviated septum surgery on Thursday. He’s understandably anxious because he’s never had surgery before, so big hugs to you, G! I know all will be well. I’m also curious to see how Bug reacts to him post-op. She’s seen me through a surgery, and she’s had three surgical procedures since we’ve been her parents, but she’s never really seen daddy laid up. Should be interesting!

And finally– a big shout out to the modern miracle of antibiotics. On Friday I came down with yet another raging case of strep and felt like crap all weekend. Miracle of miracles, I’m already almost back to normal after starting the antibiotics on Saturday. Wa-hoo!

Everyone have a great week!

About mad momma moogacat

I am a 40-year old mother, wife, lawyer and pop culture fiend who is looking for some beauty and meaning in life. I write about parenting, adoption, mental health, work-life balance, and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!
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