The Long March to Kindergarten

Kindergarten starts tomorrow for Bug, and I’m not sure right now if I want to cry because my baby is growing up, or what to cheer because we are getting to the end of the weeks-long nightmare that has become the long march to kindergarten.

As most of you know, our little Bug has RAD, and her anxieties get to her when she has a big transition.  So we tend to spring things on her– it sounds harsh, but when she has time to anticipate a big event, her anxiety gets totally out of control.  The problem is you can’t spring kindergarten on a little girl whose 5th birthday is in the middle of the summer.  When anyone found about her birthday this summer, the very next question was “so, are you getting ready to start kindergarten?”  The anxiety has been building for a couple of months now, and really came to head over the last month.  It was pretty clear she was terrified of going to a new school.

I thought we had made some headway a few weeks ago.  I contacted the school and scheduled a walk-through for Bug at her new school.  We went and took pictures, and I made a slideshow on the iPad for her.  It really helped, but we started to have a new problem.  Now she was entirely ready to go to kindergarten, and she still had a week and a half at her old daycare!  So the last week and a half of daycare were full of complaints about how she was ready to go to kindergarten. Oh well.

Fast forward to last week.  Bug’s last day of preschool/daycare was on Thursday.  She was so excited to be done with it, until she got home, immediately got upset, and told me she missed her friends.   The upset ramped up, and we had a few major meltdowns on Friday and Saturday.  Still nothing we couldn’t handle.

Then– the storm hit.  A freak storm hit da Ville on Saturday evening, and knocked out power to about a third of the city.  Our street looked like a bomb had been dropped, with trees down over the street in both directions.  So, weenies we are, we decamped to a hotel, knowing that Bug loves nothing more than a night or two in a hotel.  We had hopes that the power would come on by Sunday.  Wrong.  Not on Sunday, and not on Monday.   I’d hit my limit on Monday and said no more hotel, so we went to the in-laws for a night. 

Luckily the power was on Tuesday morning, but all the chaos had taken its toll, notwithstanding the fact Bug loves a hotel and loves going to her in-laws.  She seriously regressed, acting like an angry, petulant 2 year old all day yesterday and today.  The worst was at the grocery store today– she was using one of the child-sized carts (I sincerely hope the sadist who invented those things is rotting in hell right now!), and she wanted to push it to the car.  I told her no– it was senior citizen day, and the parking lot was full and dangerous.  A 40-inch 5-year-old pushing a teeny tiny cart through the lot just wasn’t safe.  So the meltdown started.  I used all the tricks and tools in my arsenal to try to get her to give up and come to the car, to no avail.  The screaming and flailing kept going, and going, and going.  I finally had to put her under my arm and carry her out, screaming, hitting, kicking and pinching, all while pushing the cart with our groceries with one hand.  The screaming lasted all the way home.  Ack.

Things seem to be peaceful right now, and Bug is going to sleep with me tonight.  I think she feels kind of bad about her display at the grocery store, and she’s been pretty clingy tonight.  Let’s just all hope for a peaceful start to kindergarten tomorrow and some mental peace for my little Bug.  I’ll try to post some first day pictures!

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I am a 40-year old mother, wife, lawyer and pop culture fiend who is looking for some beauty and meaning in life. I write about parenting, adoption, mental health, work-life balance, and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!
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