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Finally . . . success!

We’ve finally had a successful kindergarten dropoff! Bug only insisted twice this morning that she didn’t like school, and even then it was more of a statement and didn’t include the dreaded “and I’m not going!” She willingly got in … Continue reading

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And so it is Monday.

Poor Bug. God love her, she’s trying to adjust to school, and the school days themselves go fine when she gets there, but every morning is the same. Crying and begging not to go. Begging me to let her go … Continue reading

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First Day Disaster

As I feared, Bug’s first morning was a disaster.  When it came time to get dressed, she announced she wasn’t going and that she wouldn’t put on her uniform.  After much negotiating we finally just had to put her in the … Continue reading

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The Long March to Kindergarten

Kindergarten starts tomorrow for Bug, and I’m not sure right now if I want to cry because my baby is growing up, or what to cheer because we are getting to the end of the weeks-long nightmare that has become … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, G!

Today is our 14th Anniversary! I can’t believe G and I have been married this long, although in a lot of ways I really can’t remember a time G and I weren’t together.  So, in honor of my wonderful dude, … Continue reading

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