Boo You! Monday: Afghani Provincial Governor of Uruzguan Province

Today I’d like to give a big old Boo You! to the provincial governor of Uruzguan province in Afghanistan. Why him you wonder? Anyone remember the teenager whose nose was cut off by her arranged husband, all while a group of people looked on? Well the only perp ever taken into custody, the girl’s father in law, was released today without any charges being filed. This happened even though the victim gave statements indicating the father in law was present at the assault and allowed it to happen.

I think everyone is entitled to a fair trial, and that this man should have been charged and not just left to linger without charges for 11 months. I understand his lawyer’s complaint on that count The remedy here seems to me to charge him and try him — not to just let him go when the victim placed him at the scene of the crime.

So Boo You! Provincial Governor. Women’s lives are worth just as much as men’s. And they are equally deserving of justice.

More on the story:

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