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Boo You! Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court

Today’s return of Boo You! Monday has me giving a big hearty Boo You! to the U.S. Supreme Court for its decision in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, in which the USSC struck down California’s ban on sales of violent … Continue reading

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Water Bug

Since I’m too lazy to draft up a real post, here are some pics of Bug playing at the park:

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Adoption is Pain

Even though the popular view of adoption is one of rainbows, unabashed happiness, and joy, there’s just no getting past the unescapable fact that at its base adoption is about pain.   I’ll use as an example my Bug.  This morning … Continue reading

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Princess Mania at Disney World

Last week we finally took Bug to Disney World.  And oh, did she love the princesses!  Breakfast with princesses, dinners with princesses, pictures with princesses, and autographs from princesses!  It was a ton of fun, and I can believe I’m … Continue reading

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