Am I a Decent Person? Or Am I a Sap?

Today I had a pretrial in federal court.  Federal court normally handles things by phone, but pretrials are definitely in person.  I get there, and wouldn’t you know it, goofy opposing counsel doesn’t show up. 

Now standing up a federal judge is something you just don’t do.  Ever.  You’d think I’d be secretly pleased– there’s nothing like having the judge think your opposition is stupid, lazy, etc.  But when he didn’t show, I almost had a stroke.  I was TERRIFIED about what was going to happen.  I started falling all over myself offering to reschedule.  I felt a flop sweat coming on.  We were able to reach him by phone and had the hearing, but I still felt like my heart was racing when I left.

So this leaves me with the question– should I have been happy he didn’t show?  Or was my reaction right?  Is it a good thing I didn’t want to see my opposing counsel busted by a federal judge?

Maybe this is why I should get out of the litigation biz.  I just don’t have the killer instinct.

About mad momma moogacat

I am a 40-year old mother, wife, lawyer and pop culture fiend who is looking for some beauty and meaning in life. I write about parenting, adoption, mental health, work-life balance, and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!
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2 Responses to Am I a Decent Person? Or Am I a Sap?

  1. bcubbage says:

    I think I would feel just like you. I wouldn’t want to be around a Federal judge while he was contemplating whether to issue a show cause order to a wayward attorney. Not pleasant.

    • Maybe that’s it. It happened to be the absolute nicest federal judge ever appointed, so I’m not sure what I was expecting. His honor didn’t get too mad, but he did get in a few digs before the call was connected. Like looking at me and saying “well I guess our hearing made your calendar, didn’t it.”

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