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Parents of transracial adoptees . . . oy!

Someone shoot me if I ever start acting like this:

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The changing face of Chinese adoption

Most people out there, unless involved in the Chinese adoption community, have horrible misconceptions about the state of adoptions from China.  I’d like to dispel a few of those myths. When G and I started out on the path to … Continue reading

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Too interesting not to share: Gotta love our elected officials from Kentucky!

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Boo You! Monday: the word “lame”

My Boo You! for today is for the ubiquitous use of the word “lame” to mean bad.  Just think about that for a second– is it truly any more insulting to use “gay” than “lame”?  Yet we have public service … Continue reading

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Notorious B.U.G.

While I just don’t get the fairy princess thing, the attitude is all Momma:

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Rotavirus– ack!

My poor Bug has a rotavirus. If you’ve experienced this yourselves, my sympathies. If not, be thankful infants in the US are now vaccinated for this.

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Who Owns Adoption?

It’s hard to hide that I’m an adoptive parent.  Anyone who would mistake Bug for a biological creation of G and mine would have to be a congenital idiot, so adoption issues are something we have to address on a … Continue reading

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Billy Ray Cyrus– fall guy?

I was taken aback by this absolutely fascinating interview with Billy Ray Cyrus in GQ: I don’t know if it’s all 100% sincere, but I have to say I have more respect for him after this interview.  I also am … Continue reading

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Inaugural Boo You! Monday: the Oscars

Welcome to my new weekly feature, Boo You! Monday.    Just so you don’t think I’m a wicked awful intellectual property thief, I got “Boo You!” from one of my favorite Disney Channel characters, London Tipton, who had an online segment Boo … Continue reading

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I love lawyer advertising!

Now on to something I do like:  Lawyer advertising! I may be unique in this love, but I truly loves me some bad lawyer TV ads.  I’ve been on the bar association’s Attorney Advertising Commission for six years now, and … Continue reading

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